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Freeing Pandora

We managed to get rid of the Evil Queen, by scaring her off. But we are far from freed of her influence over our people. We find it hard to trust anyone, not sure who is still doing her bidding. 
We realize two things: One, our people will never truly be freed until her hold on them is gone, and finding her and killing her is the only way to do that. Two, our people will need time to heal after she is officially gone. I just hope they see me as their true Queen who can help them heal, because I am not going anywhere.
I realize that I was never raised in this world, but these people, my people, need someone they can trust to rebuild this kingdom to what it once was, I can and will, be that person. I can never go back to the world I grew up in, knowing my life truly belongs here, in Pandora.

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